Best Cooking Classes near Brockton MA

August 8th, 2017 by

Does your chicken always come out of the oven completely dry and tasteless? Us, too. If you’d like to learn how to be a better cook, what could be more fun than taking a cooking class? Here’s our list of the best cooking classes near Brockton, MA, listed in alphabetical order. Get your apron on!

Creative Catering by Chef Shelton

Chef Shelton offers in-home cooking classes for both adults and children to learn how to make delicious meals at home. Adult classes are available to learn one of four different menu options, so you can cater the class to the meal you’d most like to learn how to make. Our favorite is the “Impress Your Guests” menu, featuring Crostini, Crispy Trout with lemon-caper butter, and homemade Cannoli Napoleon—you’re already impressed, right? Kids classes offer a kid-friendly menu, and your child will have the opportunity to learn how to safely handle a knife, how to use the stovetop properly, and more.

Lovin’ the Oven

This company provides a selection of meal services for busy parents and others who may not have time to cook delicious, healthy food from scratch. Cooking classes are also offered so that once your life gets less hectic, you’ll be able to make your meals yourself! There’s a focus on preparing many meals at once so that at dinner time, you can get food on the table faster, without spending lots of time cooking everything from scratch. You can even have a cooking party, and invite all your friends to come learn how to cook with you!

Nutrition Basics

These classes offer a different approach to cooking, helping you make a complete overhaul of your nutrition and health. You’ll get to take informative cooking classes, but you’ll also receive one-on-one health coaching to truly educate yourself on the importance of what and how to eat. Fresh, healthy food has the power to heal a number of health problems in a natural, holistic way. And with Nutrition Basics, you’ll learn how. Special classes are available to learn how to bake with gluten-free ingredients or create meals that are completely grain-free.

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