Best Cycling Classes Near Whitman MA

September 18th, 2017 by

It’s no wonder indoor cycling classes continue to grow in popularity, as this workout class will help you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health, without putting stressful impact on your joints. You’ll build strong, toned legs in just a few classes and you’ll even increase your abdominal strength! The best part? This is a truly fun workout—you don’t need to do a bunch of boring squats and lunges to get great benefits or visible results! This is our list of the best cycling classes near Whitman, MA, so you can find a studio, and try out this fun workout for yourself.

Bike n Barre

Walpole, MA

This studio focuses on motivation, visualization, and enthusiastic coaching to lead you through a high-energy spin class. You’ll also be able to take a unique Bike n Barre class that fuses the cardio and strength of cycling with the flexibility and focus of a ballet-inspired barre class. The studio’s owner has worked as a personal trainer, and today you can take a spin class with her as your instructor.

Cycle Life Studio

Whitman, MA

This studio caters to both indoor and outdoor cyclists and offers a variety of different classes. The studio is family-owned and strives to treat each guest as a member of the family as well, not simply as a client. A focus is put on overall health, wellness, and life-fulfillment, and instructors will act as your friend and life coach. Three different kinds of spin classes are offered at the Cycle Life Studio:

  • Pulse: Ride to the beat of the music and have fun with high-intensity cardio.
  • Energy: These classes offer both high-intensity intervals and endurance elements in a focused workout.
  • Power: This class will push you harder and make you stronger with a hardcore, cranked-up cycling experience.


Dedham, Burlington, and Foxborough, MA

This studio offers challenging classes at three different locations, each offering at least 40 classes per week. Shower facilities, towel service, cycling shoe rentals, and even childcare are all available for your ride! Check out Rev*D today!

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