Best Yoga Studios near Mansfield MA

February 15th, 2018 by

Yoga is a unique workout; it provides strengthening and weight-loss while also renewing your mind and refreshing your spirit. If you’re looking to start the practice, or just looking for a new studio, there’s plenty to choose from, each with their own unique approach to yoga. Here’s our picks of the best yoga studios near Mansfield, MA.

Easton Yoga and Wellness Center

50 Oliver St. Suite #208, North Easton, MA

This yoga studio aims to provide a peaceful, nurturing, and safe space for all to explore the peace and happiness within themselves. The studio’s core values include practicing kindness, being authentic, and living with integrity. Each Sunday, special classes are offered, focusing on relaxation and rejuvenation. These include SPA Yoga®, Restore & Renew, Yin yoga, and Yoga Nidra. During the week, there’s a huge variety of different classes to choose from, whether you’re in the mood to work up a sweat or relax into a state of calm—or both!

Franklin Yoga and Wellness Center

1256 West Central St., Franklin, MA

At this studio, you’ll discover a renewed joy for life through a mindful practice of healthy living. Many different classes are offered, as well as holistic healing services. Astrology, health coaching, herbal medicines, crystal healing, Reiki, and massage combine to help you feel better every day. For an even more in-depth experience of self-discovery, try a weekend retreat, where you’ll make new friends and learn more about yourself.

Tina Walsh

71 Elm St. #8, Foxboro, MA

Tina works with people who feel out of alignment for a variety of reasons, helping them to reconnect to themselves and feel empowered. Individuals will be treated with yoga, counseling, Reiki, massage, and more during their journey to self-discovery. The popular 8-week yoga series will help you to heal from the inside out. You can also make an appointment for a private yoga therapy session, which will be completely tailored to your unique needs. Tina is also experienced in yoga practice and healing to assist with chronic illness, trauma, grief, and more.

Get your namaste on at any of the above locations for a refreshed start to your day! Our team at CJDR 24 hopes to see you there!

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