Brake Replacement Signs

Everyone knows that functioning brakes are a vital aspect of keeping drivers safe on the road. However, when do you know when your brakes need replacing or just a simple repair? At Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24, we’ve compiled a list of brake replacement warning signs, so your commutes around the Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton areas can remain safe. Be in the know about these important warning signs and read on below to see if your vehicle is in need of brake replacement services.

Sign #1: Your Brake Light is On

Your dashboard brake light is a great first indicator that something may be wrong with your braking system. Although this could be a malfunction or a sign to simply check your brakes, it might be a more serious issue that calls for replacing your brakes completely. Contact your local service department to make sure. However, if the Anti-Lock Braking System warning light is on, this crucial safety feature could have failed. Pull over safely as soon as you can and seek the help of your authorized dealer or service center.

Sign #2: There’s a Strange Noise Coming from Your Brakes

Grinding, squeaking, scraping, or other untraditional noises typically mean your brakes need to be checked out. Likely, this indicates you’ll require replacement brake pads to remedy that annoying yet telling sound, but if the sound goes on after replacing the pads or goes untreated for too long, new braking components might be the answer. To avoid further repairs in the future, schedule service as soon as you hear any strange noise.

Sign #3: Your Brakes Aren’t Responsive

When driving, does your pedal hit hard against the floor? Does it take longer to come to a complete stop? This is a sign there could be an air or fluid leak within your system. Though air leaks are harder to detect, you can often see a puddle under your vehicle if there is a fluid leakage. Brake fluid looks similar to oil but is less slimy.

Sign #4: Your Vehicle Is Pulsating

Feeling a vibration in the brake pedal is a telltale brake replacement sign. This sensation feels similar to when executing an emergency stop and could possibly be a problem with your brake rotors, an important part of the braking system.

Sign #5: Your Vehicle Is Pulling to One Side When Stopping

If there is a problem with your calipers, you have a collapsed hose, or you have uneven brake pads, you may feel like your car is driving itself. If a pulling feeling occurs when you’re attempting to brake, reach out and schedule a service appointment.

Schedule a Brake Replacement Soon

If you’re experiencing one or more of the above brake replacement signs in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton, contact us at Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 to schedule a service appointment. Our helpful team of technicians will diagnose your brake problem and get the issue fixed, so you can continue to safely travel.

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