Jeep Cherokee vs Nissan Rogue

Jeep Cherokee Models

In the world of crossover SUVs, the Jeep Cherokee and the Nissan Rogue are pretty well matched. That said, they each offer specific features and options that may help you decide which is right for you.

For drivers in Brockton, Raleigh and Stoughton, we’ve placed the Jeep Cherokee and the Nissan Rogue side by side so you can compare all the key differences. Read more to determine which is the right choice for you, as well as where to go to test drive the winning vehicle.

Jeep Cherokee vs. Nissan Rogue Specs

The Rogue experienced a light update from its 2014 debut model. They’re mostly interior and exterior design updates, such as a changed grille and nicer interior materials, with virtually no change to its engine. Its equipped with the same engine from the previous generation, the 2.5-liter inline-4 with continuously variable transmission, which tops out at around 170 horsepower. Its acceleration is unremarkable, and the overall effect is comfortable yet boring ride.

In an effort to move away from the utility past of Jeep, the new Cherokee was designed to resemble a crossover, with a smoother profile and softer shape, as well as a subtle, classier grille. Don’t let the softer look fool you though, the Cherokee is still ready to take on the rugged paths and trails. It offers either a 184-horsepower inline-4 or a 271-horsepower V-6 engine, both of which use a nine-speed automatic transmission. Even the base is packing a lot of power, and the V-6 with towing package is capable of pulling 4,500 pounds. In addition, the accurate steering and well-tuned ride provide the driver confidence to back up that power.

Even for around town driving, the Cherokee handles better than the Rogue, but for off-roading, it blows the Rogue away.

Jeep Cherokee vs. Nissan Rogue Features

The Rogue offers plenty of seating and comfort, with three rows of seating and ample storage space. Unfortunately, that comes at the cost of legroom, since the additional third row cramps its passengers with low cushions and tight headroom.

The Cherokee focuses its efforts on usable space. There’s no additional third row seat, which allows the rest of the cabin to feel airy and spacious. Passengers won’t feel confined, since there’s plenty of head and legroom in both front and back. In addition, there are many little storage spaces for smaller items, as well as plenty of cargo space.

Test Drive the Jeep Cherokee

Both the Rogue and the Cherokee offer space and comfort, as well as the reliability and versatility of a crossover. Unfortunately, the Rogue pales in comparison to Jeep’s long history of rugged vehicles that can take on the challenge, with the updated style and comfort of the Jeep Cherokee.

Drivers in the Brockton, Raleigh, and Stoughton areas can experience the difference for themselves by visiting Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Brockton to schedule a test drive of the Jeep Cherokee. Contact us today!