Jeep Grand Cherokee Dashboard Light Guide Brockton MA

As the proud owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s imperative for both your safety and your vehicle’s condition to stay poised when it comes to potential problems. One way you can do that is by keeping an eye out for any lights coming up on your dashboard light system.

However, there are many different lights and it can be difficult to remember what they all mean. To help Grand Cherokee drivers in Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton better understand their dashboard lights, we at Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 have put together this helpful guide!

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Indicator Lights vs Warning Lights

Before we dive into the meaning of each light on your dashboard, let’s go over the difference between indicator lights and warning lights. Indicator lights light up when a system of your vehicle is in use. For example, the high-breams light is an indicator light. Contrarily, warning lights are meant to alert you when something is wrong.

Grand Cherokee Indicator Lights

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with several indicator lights including the following:

  • High Beams – A light shaped like a half-circle with straight lines will appear when your high beams are on.
  • Cruise Control – This is indicated by a light resembling a speedometer with an arrow point to it.
  • Sport Mode – When your vehicle is in sport mode, a light shaped like a checkered flag will come up.
  • 4WD LOW – If your Grand Cherokee is equipped with 4WD, a light saying 4FWD LOW will light up when you’re in 4-wheel drive mode.
  • Hill Descent Control – When this optional feature is engaged, a light depicting a car going down hill will light up.
  • Forward Collision Warning – This indicator light works differently than the others in that it lights up when this optional feature is turned off rather than when it’s turned on.

Grand Cherokee Warning Lights

In addition to the above indicator lights, your Grand Cherokee also has several warning lights including:

  • Brake – if BRAKE in all capital letters lights up on your dashboard, it could mean a couple of things: (1) your parking brake is engaged, (2) your brake fluid is low, or (3) the Anti-Lock Brake System is experiencing a problem.
  • Electric Power Steering Fault – If there’s a problem with your power steering system, a light shaped like a steering wheel with an exclamation point in it will come up.
  • Engine Oil – An oil can will light up if your oil pressure is low.
  • Seat Belt Reminder – A person wearing a seat belt will come up if someone in the vehicle isn’t buckled up.
  • Low Fuel – If your gas tank is getting low, a light depicting a gas pump will light up.
  • Battery – A light shaped like a battery will light up if your vehicle’s battery is experiencing a problem.

Still Have Questions?

We at Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 hope this Jeep Grand Cherokee Dashboard Light Guide gave you all the information you need to decode your vehicle’s many dashboard lights. However, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule your next service appointment or stop by. We’re just a short drive from Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton!