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At Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 in Brockton, MA, we know what a prized possession your Jeep is to you. Every Jeep owner wants to ensure that their tires are in superior condition every time they get on the road. One of the best ways to keep your Jeep in proper working order is to use some preventative measures.

Jeep tires are made to be durable, withstand any climate condition, and drive on any type of surface. However, tires don’t last forever. To prevent your tires from experiencing unnecessary wear and tear, it’s important to use tire covers when storing your vehicle.

Tire covers prevent your tires from harsh climate conditions such as heat and other elements that will wear out your tires over time. If you plan to go camping or off-roading, using tire covers between trips will extend the life of your tire warranty.

To help you get the most out of your Jeep, we’ve created the ultimate guide to tire covers for Jeep owners interested in learning how to preserve their tires while customizing their Jeep along the way.

Purchasing Tire Covers

The internet has made purchasing tire covers much easier. With a click of a button, you can order tire covers from any online store that carries car accessories. However, ordering covers online may not always be a good idea.
Purchasing tire covers requires you to have knowledge of your tire’s dimensions. If you calculate the wrong measurements, you may be stuck with a cover that’s too big or too small for your tire. It will probably be easier for you to go to a store or dealership, such as Chrysler Jeep 24, to have one of our expert mechanics measure your tires and help you select the correct Jeep cover.

Jeep Tire Cover Materials

Tire covers aren’t made of just one material. Buyers can pick from rigid and soft materials, including vinyl. Vinyl is a popular cover choice because logos and emblems can be emblazoned on the front. Vinyl is made of a soft material that’s easy to slip on or off the tire.
Rigid tire covers are usually more expensive and made of a plastic shell with a vinyl lining. These type of covers are good for the spare tire hanging in the back. In fact, tire covers are generally made for the spare tire hanging on the back of the Jeep. You can opt to purchase just one cover for your spare tire or a set of four for all of your tires.

Customizing Jeep Tire Covers

The main purpose of the tire cover is to prevent tire discoloration, protect the rubber from sun damage, and keep the tire clean.
Over the years, the Jeep tire cover has grown into a fashion statement for owners. Covers can be made with the Jeep logo or any other emblem or color that the owner requests. Typically, car accessory stores have a catalog that buyers can choose ready-made covers from. They can also opt to have a special emblem inscribed on the cover of their choice.

If you plan on customizing your tire cover, research the different options available that suit your lifestyle.

Buying a Jeep Tire Cover

If you reside in the Brockton, Stoughton, or Randolph, MA, area, then you should head down to Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24 to have a peek at our wide variety of Jeep tire covers. Our staff can measure your tire dimensions and help you select a cover that fits your personality and budget. Visit our parts department online or contact us today for more information.
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