Out of Balance Tire Signs

When it comes to automotive care, taking care of your tires is every bit as important as changing your oil and keeping your car tuned up properly. When your tires are out of alignment or off balance, it ends up causing much more harm than just uneven wear.

Tires that are unbalanced can create issues with your suspension, shocks, and other components. They can create expensive issues, including axle problems, as well as reducing your fuel efficiency and causing early replacement costs. Learn the various out-of-balance tire signs, so you can know when it’s time to get service and where you can go for help.

Signs Your Tires Are Out of Balance

Out of Balance TiresA number of symptoms regarding misaligned tires can help you diagnose what your vehicle needs. Keep your eye out for these to ensure that your car drives well and isn’t experiencing unnecessary wear and tear. The most common out-of-balance tire signs include uneven wear, pulling to one side, vibrations in your steering wheel, and off-center steering wheel.

Uneven Wear

Keep your eyes on your tires. Check them on a regular basis. Perform the penny test—insert a penny, head-first, into your tire. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, it’s time to get new tires. Also, pay attention to see if your tires are wearing evenly across the tread or if one side seems to have more wear than the others. If so, your tires could be misaligned.

Pulling While Driving

When you drive, do you notice it’s tough to keep the car on track? Does it constantly want to go to the left or the right? If so, that’s a sign you need an alignment. When you move your hands off of the wheel, does the car glide to one side instead of continuing straight? Unfortunately, this means you need your tires aligned in a timely manner.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Vibrating Steering WheelSteering wheel vibration is a sign of several different issues, including tire unbalance and a misalignment. Regardless, it’s caused by your tires pulling your car in opposite directions, which puts strain on your axle. If your steering wheel is vibrating, call for service.

Off-Center Steering Wheel

An off-center steering wheel is closely connected to your car pulling to one side or another. When you need to constantly adapt to keep your car going straight, you’ll notice that your steering wheel is always crooked or off-center. If there’s a crossbar, for example, it will be at an angle instead of straight across the middle. If you notice you’re doing this a lot, you need to have an alignment done.

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