Ram 1500 Towing Tips

Ram 1500 Towing Tips Brockton MA

If you’re a first-time tower and a new owner of a Ram 1500 pickup, you might be eager to test out its capability but apprehensive to get behind the wheel with equipment in tow.

To help Ram 1500 owners in Brockton, Randolph, and Stoughton set off on their first tow trips with confidence, our Ram dealership put together the following towing tip guide. Check it out below!

Confirm Your Ram 1500’s Tow Rating

Before you move forward with hitching up your Ram 1500, you need to know the max towing capacity of your specific model.

Larger engines and advanced equipment as well as factors such as bed length and cab size are going to impact your truck’s threshold towing number. For example, Rams equipped with the HEMI® V8 are going to be able to tow more than the base Pentastar® V6. For a current year model, Ram provides an online towing guide, otherwise be sure to double check your owner’s manual.

Weigh Your Equipment OptionsHow Much Can The Ram 1500 Tow? Brockton MA

Next, you need to find out the weight of the equipment you want to tow. You need to be sure that the boat, camper, trailer, etc., you rig up to your Ram 1500 won’t exceed the top towing stat you just determined. This is as easy as heading to a trailer weigh station near you.

Distribute Trailer Load & Secure Cargo

In order to tow smoothly and without sway, loading your cargo correctly is essential. The general guideline is to have 60 percent of your cargo weight over the front half of the trailer and 40 percent at the back.

Make sure you load cargo evenly side to side and once in place, use tie-downs or straps to secure it so that it doesn’t shift and upset the balance while in transit.

Strengthen the Trailer-Hitch Connection with Safety ChainsNew Ram 1500 Towing Brockton MA

Aside from properly hooking up your Ram 1500’s hitch to a trailer, it’s important that you take extra precaution to reinforce the connection between the trailer and the tow vehicle.

In the case of a separation, safety chains, which are crossed under the trailer tongue (the part length that attaches the trailer and pickup truck), would be more likely to keep both halves intact.

The More You Tow, The More You Know

Of course, your towing clout will improve with experience, but we hope this tip list gave you a good basis of the boxes you need to check before you hit the road. As you do, remember that the longer your trailer, the wider your turns will be. Towing requires a greater distance for your brakes to slow the vehicle down, so exhibit caution in maneuvers and keep your overall speed in check.

You should also make sure that your new Ram 1500 is up to date on its routine maintenance visits prior to a major haul. For oil changes, tire service, transmission work, and more, count on CJDR 24’s trained Ram service technicians. Contact them today to make an appointment. Happy towing!