Removing Jeep Wrangler Hard Top

April 1st, 2018 by

Picture this. It’s the first week of summer, a weekend morning. The weather’s beyond perfect, bordering on cinematic. You feel on top of the world… or at least on top of Boston.

You’ve got the day off. You’re hosting a barbecue at your place. First, you have to pick up a few things here and there, replace the propane tank for your outdoor grill—that sort of stuff. Naturally you’re going to hop in the Jeep Wrangler you recently purchased at Chrysler 24, one of the leading Jeep Boston dealers.

You intend to cruise around Boston, soaking up sun and seeing to business. You love the fact you can remove your Jeep’s Freedom Top Modular. Here’s a quick rundown on just how to.

  1. Remove left panel first—no exceptions

  2. Fold down sun visor

  3. Swing sun visor toward the window—left

  4. Turn center L-shaped locks away from center of roof panel

  5. Turn rear L-shaped lock located above the shoulder belt anchorage

  6. Turn rear fastener knobs (on the overhead speaker bar assembly) counterclockwise and pull out

  7. Unlatch header panel latch at top of windshield and remove panel

  8. Follow same steps on opposite side for right panel removal

  9. When returning panels, see to the right panel first and make sure each panel is positioned to ensure complete sealing

  10. Set panels on windshield so there’s absolutely no overhang and so they are flush with the Jeep’s body

  11. To remove rear hard top, remove front left/right panels first

  12. Open both doors

  13. On 4-door models, use a #40 Torx head driver to first remove the two Torx head screws that secure the hard top at the B-pillar near the top of the door

  14. Next, remove the six Torx head screws that secure the hard top to the vehicle along the interior body side (using #40 Torx head driver)

  15. Locate wiring harness on top left rear inside corner of the vehicle

  16. Disconnect the wiring harness from the hard top by sliding the red plastic tab up, pressing the tab on the side of the connector, and pulling to disconnect

  17. Disconnect rear window washer hose

  18. Remove hard top and place on soft surface to prevent damage

Now you’re ready to properly show off your Jeep Boston purchase. Note: These instructions are not meant to replace any part of Owner’s Information.

Refer to instruction manuals on the Owner’s Information DVD or at for complete details and other important safety information.

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