Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at These Brockton Area Ice Cream Shops

July 18th, 2017 by

Whether you’re deep in the dog days of summer or are bundled up in the heart of winter, there’s really not a bad time for ice cream. Especially when the ice cream in question is this good.

The next time your sweet tooth starts aching in the Brockton, MA, area, be sure to check out these three outstanding ice cream joints.

Asack Turkey Farm | Connect on Facebook

Okay…bear with us here. Is it a turkey farm? Yes. Is it a perfect Thanksgiving destination? You bet. But do they also have an incredible selection of ice cream? Believe it or not…yeah.

When you visit Asack Turkey Farm to pick up your next bird (they’re some of the healthiest, tastiest turkeys in town), stop by their full-service restaurant. In addition to awesome turkey meals and sandwiches, they have tons of hard and soft ice cream.

  • The inside scoop: Have you ever tasted grape-nuts before? The flavor will surprise you. Their Grape-nut Custard is exceptional.

Daddy’s Dairy | Connect on Facebook

With over 200 flavors of soft ice cream and 80 flavors of traditional ice cream, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find something to match your tastes at Daddy’s Dairy. The selection also includes 60 different toppings and a fresh fruit bar.

When it comes time for your next birthday or special occasion, you may want to check out Daddy’s cakes and pies, too. They make for an easy solution for your next party.

  • The inside scoop: Chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker… Some might say it’s the perfect combination. Grab a couple scoops of the Smores ice cream.

Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream | Connect on Facebook

What is it that makes Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream stand out from other Brockton area ice cream shops? The freshness, of course! See, Peaceful Meadows isn’t just an ice cream shop. It’s a dairy farm, too.

Since 1962, they’ve been serving homemade ice cream made from their own dairy products. Trust us when we say that freshness really makes a difference in flavor.

  • The inside scoop: Their famous Fudgernutter sundae combines vanilla ice cream, peanut butter sauce, hot fudge, marshmallow, whipped cream, and peanuts.

Cool Off with the Sweetest Treat in Town

Barring lactose intolerance or any similar dietary restrictions, an aversion to ice cream is just plain…strange, isn’t it? If you’re like any normal person, you’re bound to have a serious hankering from time to time. Satisfy your cravings at any of these three phenomenal ice cream shops! Trust us, you’ll be going home happy.

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