Jeep Cherokee Dashboard Light Guide Brockton MA

Jeep Cherokee Dashboard Light Guide Brockton MA

As the proud new owner of a Jeep Cherokee, you’re likely ready to get out and explore your surroundings like never before. Before you plunge into unknown territory, it’s important to understand your vehicle’s dashboard first. Brockton, Randolph and Stoughton drivers can consult CJDR 24’s Jeep Cherokee dashboard light guide to find out which lights are most handy to know below.

Red Telltale Lights: Stop! There’s a Problem

  • Air Bag Warning-a seated passenger and a hovering circle may light up to show you that there is an issue with the Cherokee’s air bag system.
  • Brake Warning-seeing the word “BRAKE” on your dash indicates that the parking brake is in use or that brake fluid is low.
  • Charging System Warning-a red battery box warns of an issue with the SUV’s electrical charging system (alternator, battery).
  • Door Open Warning-a car with its four doors wide open indicates that one of your doors is not fully shut.
  • Electric Power Steering Fail Warning-a steering wheel and an exclamation point may come into view if there is an issue with the power steering system.
  • Engine Temperature Warning-a thermometer above a wavy water line may appear if the engine is near overheating.
  • Electric Throttle Control Warning-a lightning bolt inside parentheses indicates a problem with the car’s ETC system.
  • Liftgate Ajar Warning-the outline of an SUV with the hatch door raised indicates that the liftgate isn’t closed properly.
  • Oil Temperature Warning– a thermometer over an oil can shows that oil temperature is hot.
  • Seat Belt Reminder Warning– a man with his seat belt on will flash to remind you to buckle up before starting your trip.
  • Vehicle Security Warning-a solid red dot will flash quickly to show that the vehicle security alarm is arming.

Yellow Telltale Lights: Proceed with Caution

  • 4WD Indicator Lights-If your Cherokee has four-wheel drive, “SVC 4WD” may appear when the system needs service. “4WD LOW” will show if the vehicle is set to low mode for greater traction.
  • ABS Indicator Light-a circle with the letters ABS inside appear to warn of an issue with the Cherokee’s Anti-Lock Braking System.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control Alert Indicator Light-a car, gauge and exclamation mark warn of an issue with the ACC system.
  • Electronic Park Brake Fail Warning Light-if the parking brake is having a problem, the letter “P” and an exclamation point will appear on the dash.
  • Electronic Stability Control Indicator Light-a car driving away with wavy tread lines indicates an issue with the ESC system. This same symbol accompanied by the word “OFF” indicates that the system has been turned off.
  • Engine Check Indicator Light-an engine shape warns of low fuel, a loose or missing gas cap, or an issue with the emissions control system.
  • Forward Collision Indicator Light-two car shapes with a filled-in star above them forewarn that a head-on collision is imminent.
  • LaneSense Indicator Light-a car shape drifting out of its lane pertains to the LaneSense lane keeping system (if equipped). This symbol may glow in different colors to indicate different functions. Consult the section of your manual about LaneSense for more information.
  • Loose Fuel Filler Cap Indicator Light-if you didn’t tighten the fuel cap after your last gas stop, you will see this icon of a fuel cap unattached from the side of the car.
  • Rear Axle Lock Indicator Light-“REAR” and a lock symbol indicates that the rear axle lock has been turned on.
  • Rear Fog Light Indicator-a light pointing to the right with a line intersecting its beams indicates that the rear fog lights are on.
  • Service Stop/Start System Indicator Light-an ‘A’ and an exclamation mark appear to show that the Stop/Start system is not working properly. If this symbol shows in green without the exclamation, the system is functioning properly.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Indicator Light-an exclamation point inside a tire shape indicates that one or more of your tires have pressure levels below the recommended requirement.
  • Transmission Temperature Indicator Light-a thermometer inside of a gear will glow to signal that transmission fluid is running hot.

Green, White, & Blue Telltale Lights: Good to Go

Electronic Speed Control Set & On Indicators-when the electronic speed control is set, a gauge with a small arrow will appear. When the system is on, it will turn white.

Front Fog Indicator Light-a light pointing to the left with a line intersecting its beams indicates that the front fog indicator lights are on.
Headlights On Indicator Light-a set of two tiny green lights will shine if the park or headlights are activated.
Turn Signal Indicator Lights-when the right or left turn signal is used, its corresponding arrow will flash on the dashboard.
High Beam Indicator Light (blue)-a left-facing light with straight-lined beams will appear when the high beams are on.
Hill Descent Control Indicator Light (white)-an SUV on an incline with a small gauge above it will show that HDC has been activated.

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